Trinity United Methodist Church is a diverse body of believers living the challenges of our Faith.

With God's help, we commit ourselves to caring for our church family, reaching out & thriving.


 Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church, located at 850 N. James,  

East Wenatchee, Washington.  Our church has been in East Wenatchee for 50 years

and is centered on beautiful grounds with scenic views. 

                We are a community that holds true to it's firm belief in being inclusive                  and welcoming to everyone.

                            Trinity is now holding "in person" Worship at 10:00am.                                                    We will continue to post our U Tube service on Sunday afternoons.                                          ***Please note that masks are required along with social distancing.                     There will be no singing. & we will not  be serving any food or beverages.

      We will also continue to host a Zoom Fellowship Time at 11:00am every Sunday and              a Zoom Bible study at 10:00am, thru June 9th.

We invite you to join us!!